Bette Website

Bette Website

UX Design, CSS Specs




Stan Hema


Thees Dohrn, Salina Gandji, Fabian Maier-Bode, Eduard Warkentin

Bette is a German family-run company producing premium bathroom components from steel-titanium alloy enamelled with purely natural materials since 1952.

In 2016 it commissioned Stan Hema to realign its brand, including a redesign of the website which has to provide an overview of all products.

Information Architecture

Simplicity and order through just three main menu items

Most competitors provide a very broad navigation with many menu items.

We have reduced the first level to just three points and offer a focused introduction to the products.

Navigation Concept

Vertical navigation provides the content the space it deserves

Conventional navigation reduces the space for content where it is in short supply anyway... in the vertical while big areas left and right are unused.

We have aligned the navigation vertically so that the content has the full height of the screen.

Final Design (Editorial Page)

Product Finder

Smart filters with a focus on useful results... and very few of them

Filters are often set purely in terms of content. The result is many filters that are partially useless because they don't provide relevant results changes.

We looked at which and how many results possible filters would deliver. The result was that you could get very useful results for most users with only three filters. Extended filters for pro-users could now be offered optionally.

We developed an interactive prototype to test the filter flow and vertical order.

Final Design (Product Finder)