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Early 2017, the Berlin fintech startup Growney asked me to redesign their website and the same named webapp. The development should be evolutionary and based on user tests. An ongoing cooperation developed.


You have to do your homework first

The information architecture of the website and webapp was already largely good.

But it took a lot of basic work... typography, color matching, consistent display of hyperlinks, animations, imagery, a full custom icon set and much more was defined and summarized in an online design manual which is continuously updated.

One topic that is often underestimated when designing websites is wording.
Here I always say... as much as necessary, as little as possible. Get to the point, briefly. This is just as true for long texts as it is for short.


Making information readable – in a clean way

Graphical representations is one of the most important aspects of the product. They are the key to it's understanding.

I defined the rules that charts, especially interactive ones, must always be displayed on the blue background. In this way the user quickly learns what to focus his attention on.
Another important feature is the reduction of graphic elements to the necessary minimum. It helps to capture information faster and easier.

An example of an interactive chart. To illustrate the expected returns under different conditions.

Think responsive

Everything that works on desktop has to work mobile as well