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Urania Berlin

UX Design, CSS Specs


Urania Berlin


Stan Hema


Fabian Maier-Bode, Stefan Becker, Felix Becker, Eduard Warkentin

With a long tradition of over 125 years, Urania Berlin has established itself as one of the leading centers of dialog between science and the public.

In 2018, it commissioned Stan Hema to redesign its entire brand communication, including the website, which was to become the main place for ticket sales.

The most important first

People are interested in events and 38% of them visit the site on smartphones

We started the project with the analysis of user statistics. It was clear that the event calendar is the central point of the website. But 38% of mobile users in this target group was quite surprising. This prompted me to choose the smartphone format already in the wireframe phase.

The prototype

The goal is a fluid experience. Also on the smartphone.

I developed a Hi-Fi prototype to test exactly the usability of the event calendar and to provide exact CSS specs to the developers. We were able to test the userflow and discovered some usability issues before the actual development started.

Something special

A random gradient change in the background

Urania covers a wide rage of different topics and we wanted to express this through colourfulness. However, we did not want to define any restrictions regarding colors in the corporate design. The result is a dynamic background on start page and event cards. Since it is not possible to animate CSS gradients, we developed a trick in which the gradient lies statically transparent over a color area whose color change is randomly animated.